We do repairs, plastering
and joint finishingfor your homes in Gatineau, Buckingham and Ottawa 

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We do painting prep repairs and more in Ottawa and throughout the Outaouais

When we paint homes in Gatineau, Buckingham, and Ottawa, our services are not limited to painting alone. To guarantee a high quality and exquisite finish, there are several processes to complete before the painting begins. For a job done right, our professionals take care of plastering, joint finishing, and everything else that goes into achieving the perfect result.

This is just one of the reasons we encourage working with experts. Without a doubt, professional painters cover all of the steps that are necessary to keep you from being stuck with a sloppy paint job.

We carry out our work flawlessly, and our turnkey service means that we leave the premises in clean condition. By contacting our team, we can assess your needs in order to offer you the personalized services you require.

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Need some repair work before painting your home? We can help you in Gatineau, Ottawa and area!

If you are planning home renovations in Ottawa or anywhere in the Outaouais region, you know that repainting is a process involving several steps. Often, before we can paint your walls, repairs due to cracks or other problems and cleaning are required, and that is why we offer our repair services. Working in spaces with windows and doors requires a practiced and precise hand. Extra preparation and safety measures also go into spaces with high ceilings which increase the risk of accidents.

This whole process is proof that it is important to trust the professionals to ensure the job is done in the correct conditions and protecting you from any dangers while still getting you the new look you’re after for your house.

We specialize in interior and exterior painting including garage doors as well as plaster repair, joint finishing and more. Contact us today for more information.


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